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In the treatment of erectile dysfunction are guided by the principle of phased therapeutic measures. There are three lines of impotence therapy.

Unfortunately, the disease in modern society is underestimated. It is considered to be that this is a personal matter for everyone but not a topic for broad discussion. In fact, the effects of erectile dysfunction relate to the whole society.

Over the past five years, the frequency of diseases of the genitourinary organs has exceeded the frequency of circulatory diseases, and already at the age of 40, every second man has sexual disorders.

But only 25% of cases come to the urologist. This is a global problem of society, as the treatment of the disease in the late stage is much more complicated and expensive. Many people think that such health problems are practically irreparable.

Erectile dysfunction is cured in 95% of cases. If the disease is not started, it is usually enough to use drugs.

It is important not to make a mistake with the choice and use only drugs with proven effectiveness. These include first-line drugs.

The most long-lasting drugs (a day or more, up to 36 hours) give a man additional confidence associated with the possibility of a free choice of the moment of closeness allow for a while to forget about erectile dysfunction. For the whole pair, naturalness is thus returned.

It is difficult to overestimate the value of potency for men's self-esteem, and in a developed society it gains even more weight. The level and duration of life increase and along with them the level of personal expectations of everyone increases. The return of self-confidence is important not only for the man, but also for the woman to maintain full-fledged relationships in the family as a whole.

In order to maintain sexual health in the conditions of modern life, it is necessary to prevent physical exercise by sports, proper regular nutrition and, most importantly, timely access to qualified specialists in the event of disorders.